Natalie has been my go to person when it comes to making my skin glow, we go way back over 10 years now. She is one of the best estheticians in Denver, her knowledge and her passion for her craft is admirable and she is always evolving and growing… not only has she done my facials but also she has educated me about my eye brows, many years ago she helped me understand the best way to highlight and frame my assets. So when she told me about her microblading business I was thrilled!!! I couldn’t wait to make an appointment and when I had my eye brows done, I was looking for symmetry and volume, I felt as usual the way that only Natalie makes me feel FIERCE! Natalie has a very specific and special gift as a woman, as an artist she gives her clients permission to feel, to look and to be however they have dreamt of being. I love her art”

– Celeste Williamson.

I was so fortunate to find Natalie through a friend that also had thin brows.  I was very impressed on how natural but enhanced her brows looked.  If I hadn’t known she had microblading by Natalie I would have never believed she had anything done.  Her brows are fuller and they look naturally more pronounced.  Perfect!  Because our eyebrows are the ‘picture frame’ to bring out and highlight our eyes.

I am 68 years old and not only have my brows thinned, but they are also losing their color and turning gray.  I have started collecting every brow product on the market to to fill my brows in and try to get them match each other.  But of course everyday I would have to draw my brows on.  I have tinted my brows for years to try to maintain my natural brow color but that doesn’t last very long.  My left  brow is so much thinner than my right brow so I still would still have to fill in my left brow even immediately after tinting my brows.

Over the years I have considered ‘permanent brow makeup’ but I feel the brows only look good when they are first done and the ‘colors’ don’t stay true for very long and it’s permanent!  Because Natalie creates hair like strokes within the brow area she can correct many issues like over tweezing, improper waxing, bare spots, uneven brows and many other problem areas.  Now that I am 68 my brows will need to adjust to my ever changing hair and skin coloring that will continue to lighten and therefore so must my brows.  

Thank you Natalie, for not only giving me my brows back, but for even making my brows better!!

-Paula Schuler

Natalie is amazing at what she does! I went to see her to have my eyebrows micro bladed and I couldn’t be happier.

Before I had them done they were very sparse from over tweezing years ago and I could never fill them in without them looking too harsh. She reassured me that this technique was going to look natural and just enhance what I already had. She was very thorough and answered all my questions the day of my appointment which really put me at ease. It was not painful and the healing process was not bad at all. I absolutely love my brows!!! They look so natural and have made me feel super “brow confident!” Yay!!

-Jessica Blackie