Microblading Consultation:

$50…….(45 min.)

This consultation is informative and designed based. We will go over details of the service, create design and customize color choice, review aftercare, and offer brow shape & tint!


$850…….(3 hours)

Microblading otherwise known as Eyebrow Embroidery, Feather Touch or Microstroking – is a semi-permanent make-up service that creates the look of full, more defined and symmetrical brows! The process involves a hand tool that deposits pigment in a hair-like stroke fashion.  Microblading will leave you feeling confident about your brows, whether you are swimming or just waking up in the morning; Always ready to go with gorgeous brows!

Shade and Blade:

$750…….(3 hours)

Microblading and Shading techniques marry!  This combo service is needed for those with dense brows that need an entire new shape!  The shading helps to camouflage the old shape into a new beautiful shape that brings your best YOU forward!  If you have questions on what brow service best suits you please contact me!

Microblading Color Boost:

$500 within 12-18 months of initial service……(2 hours)

A color boost appointment is needed within 12-18 months depending on sun exposure and the products or peels applied to skin around the brow area.

Custom Brow Shape:

$40…….(30 min.)

This Architectural way of transforming the brows pays attention to every detail! Measuring and marking using divine calipers and stencils ensures a symmetrical and balanced shape. This service includes, measuring, waxing, tweezing and trimming.

Permanent Make-up Removal | Saline Removal:   

$275…….(2 hrs 30 min.)

Saline removal is a safe and natural way to remove old or unwanted pigment, permanent make-up or microblading.  This process takes 2-5 sessions for complete removal.  

Eyebrow Tinting:

$30……(20 min)

Framing your eyes to their full potential with custom color tint! Your tint is applied to achieve more definition and fullness of the eyebrows. Color lasts 3-4 weeks.

Eyelash Tinting:

$30…….(20 min)

Darkening your lashes creates a defined look and luster to your lash line! Great for saving time in your morning routine. Color lasts 3-4 weeks.

Lash Lift:

$95 ………(45 min)

A fabulous, low maintenance alternative to lash extensions. Using your own lashes, it is permed against a silicon pad to give your lashes an eye opening look and lift!

Lash Lift & Tint Combo:

$105…..(60 min)

Add a tint to go with your lash lift service to really make those lashes stand out and frame those beautiful eyes!


Custom Facial:

$100…..(60 min)

This luxurious facial treatment is customized for your skin type and specific needs. The steam and enzymatic mask work together to whisk away dead skin cells, leaving your skin revitalized and renewed. This service will help diminish age spots, fine lines, dryness and congestion. Custom Facial Package of 4…….$275

Acne Facial:

$100…..(75 min)

This purifying treatment detoxifies the skin, refines texture, and balances pH levels to result in clear, healthy skin. With the combination of a resurfacing exfoliation and removing impurities with gentle extractions your skin will be left invigorated!

Mini Facial:

$75…..(30 min)

Perfect for those on the go! This quick yet effective, custom facial will focus on what you need most with the result of renewed skin. Deep cleanse, exfoliation with steam, and revitalizing mask adding moisture back into the skin, followed by a peptide rich moisturiser!

Back Facial:

$60…..(50 min)

A relaxing and clarifying treatment to help eliminate blemishes. This treatment includes, a double cleanse, enzyme rich mask with steam, extractions, massage, and tea tree mask to eliminate toxins in the skin.

Lactic Peel:

$75…..(50 min)

A powerful, age combatting treatment that sloughs off dead skin cells while maintaining moisture retention in the skin. This formula safely fades dark spots, smoothes wrinkles, and helps fight acne.


$100…..(50 min)

This treatment will slough off dead skin cells and dull layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production and rejuvenation. You will see dramatic improvements in the tone, texture, fine lines and dark spots. Microdermabrasion Package of 4…..$250


Remove vellos hair gently and effectively for smooth skin!

Full Face wax….$65

Cheeks Wax….$35

Chin Wax …..$15

Lip wax…..$20

Side burn Wax….$20